The Project: Catalyzing Curiosity in Science

The Science for All Website is part of a Girl Scout Gold Award project known as Catalyzing Curiosity in Science, led by Janani Rajan, an Ambassador Girl Scout.

Currently, in American education systems, science is not being given the same level of importance as other subjects, such as Math and Language Arts in school districts across the USA. Often, especially in underserved areas, schools lack the resources and funds to provide children with innovative ways to learn science. In order to provide students with quality science education, schools would have to subscribe to online resources and pay exorbitant amounts of money annually to continue subscriptions for each student.

Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has amplified this issue. Since students had attended school from home, their ability to learn science is further inhibited, as they could participate in science labs and learn practical applications of science concepts, preventing them from having sufficient knowledge of elementary science concepts. Despite how essential science education is, especially in our constantly advancing and improving society, the American education system, underfunding of schools, and the COVID-19 pandemic leave schools with neither time, money, nor care to provide students with quality science education.

The Catalyzing Curiosity in Science project aims to combat this issue by creating a free and accessible resource for students to learn Earth and Space Science concepts and develop a love for science. The course materials on this website have been used in science lessons for upper elementary and middle schoolers of the organization NJ RISE. Now, they are all available on this website in order for students all over the country and the world to explore their love for science!


NJ RISE - Tornado in a Jar experiment

NJ RISE - Condensation and Precipitation in a cup

NJ RISE - A lesson on biotic and abiotic factors

NJ RISE - Creating clouds with cotton balls

NJ RISE - Precipitation in a cup

NJ RISE - Condensation in a cup