Unit 1: Space Science

Why do we have day and night, and the four seasons? Why do we see the same face of the moon every night? How was the universe even formed? This unit explores the universe, the Earth's place within it, and the interactions between Earth and other objects in space that affect life on Earth as well.

Unit 2: Geology

To uncover the Earth's history and formation, scientists have used maps of land and water patterns, fossils, rock samples, and more. This unit digs deeper into the Earth's structure and its past, and how they have led up to the way our planet is in the present.

Unit 3: Earth Systems and Weather

As a planet, Earth is extremely diverse, with various climate types and weather patterns that change from region to region. This unit explores these climate types and weather patterns, how energy is transferred in our world, and the effects of human activity on climate and weather.

Unit 4: Ecosystems and Life Science

Earth is not only unique because of its terrain; it also harbors life! This unit studies the organisms that inhabit the Earth, as well as their relationships with each other and the rest of the planet.